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Why choose DNA Bathrooms and Kitchens for your new bathroom design?

As one of the world’s most dynamic cities Melbourne offers its residents things to do 24 hours a day. The recent White Night festival proved people will come out day or night, and the city has a real energy. From time to time, however, Melburnians need to take time out from their busy working and social lives to recharge the batteries. Relaxing in a bathroom designed to transport one away from day-to-day life is one of the most effective ways of achieving some uninterrupted, stress-free downtime.

Bathroom design process

Our bathroom design process is a collaborative approach that marries the expertise of our tradespeople, and the huge range of styles and accessories available from our network of suppliers, with the tastes of the customer and their existing décor. The initial consultation is always held in the home so we can get a feel for the existing ambience and discuss in detail the customer’s ideas and the effect they hope to create with their newly designed bathroom. We then present a thorough proposal for the work and make a follow up call to talk through any queries that arise from the plan.

Let your bathroom reflect Melbourne's style

Once the proposal has been agreed we will then visit again home again for an in home bathroom design consultation. Here we will work through all the decorative and accessory options with the householder. Melbourne is renowned as a city of style and culture, and there many options in terms of tapware and tiles – at this consultation we will settle on the most appropriate choices for the design at hand. We then take responsibility for ordering and delivery of all the products required to complete the job, and assign a project manager who will arrange all the necessary tradespeople and deal with any queries that arise as the job progresses so the Melbourne bathroom design experience results in a stylish, relaxing space.

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