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Creating a Family Friendly Bathroom

Families are constantly changing.  It is for this reason, if you are considering a bathroom renovation, you look into the future as well as focusing on your current situation.  It is essential that space created in your bathroom renovation, can be adjusted to the evolving needs of a growing family.  Choices that you make need to be practical, not age specific.  Your bathroom needs to be able to facilitate a lot of traffic at one time, alleviating arguments that arise when several bodies are using the bathroom at once.
Make it work!
If you have a young family, be wary that small children need help with every aspect in the bathroom.  Whether it be teeth cleaning, toilet training or bathing assistance is required and along with this assistance comes the need for clear space.  It is essential that both parent and child can move around easily.  A double basin can be a very smart choice when choosing products for a family bathroom renovation.  It would also be a wise idea to separate your bath from your shower and to also have a separate toilet.  It is all about multitasking!!

Choose the right product!
The ultimate success of your family friendly bathroom renovation lies in your product choice.  Not choosing products that are suited to the traffic of your busy family bathroom can undo all the work put into the design.  You don’t have to give up style for practicality either. There are many fantastic products available that can withstand the hectic daily usage a family will inflict on a bathroom.  Think smart.  Soft close toilet seats can avoid little fingers being slammed and temperature controlled taps will provide piece of mind that little hands are safe from burning.

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