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To leave or not to leave? ………. Do it right the first time!

We’ll just keep the existing wall sheeting up!  We are just going to cement sheet over the existing plaster!  Two things a professional bathroom renovator does not want to hear!!  When undertaking a bathroom renovation there is always the temptation to take short cuts to save money.  Is it really worth saving the money at the time only to cost yourself MORE money down the track?

Leaving the existing plaster and cornice in place and removing the sheeting around only the shower and bath areas causes walls to be uneven and makes tiling difficult. More than likely your walls will be painted with a semi-gloss or mould resistant paint.  This is an issue as one of the main functions of paint is to prevent things from sticking to walls!!  You could end up with tiles falling off walls (which could potentially chip baths, vanities) and end up costing you the money you saved in the first place.

Another chance taken is to fit cement sheet over the existing plaster. This will exaggerate any highs or lows in the studs and also make the sheeting too thick which will make the tiles stick out past your architraves around windows and door jambs.  Also, the existing  plaster will have only been nailed sparingly and studs are not straightened all the way up,  when you  want to nail the plaster more regularly, it  will become uneven giving a poor surface to tile to.

Although money savers at the time, these options will almost always leave you with a second rate finish or give your bathroom a shorter life span.
To achieve the best results for your bathroom renovation we suggest you do the following:

  • Strip the walls back to the studs including the cornice
  • Studs should be straightened horizontally as well as vertically
  • NEW cement sheet (villa board)should be fixed to the walls as per the manufacturers installation instructions.

Save your money in the long run by not cutting corners and doing it right the first time.  There is nothing worse than spending money only to have to do it all over again a few years later.  When deciding on a bathroom renovation, do it to last!! Use a Licensed Building Practitioner.

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