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Laundry Renovations Melbourne

As one of the smallest rooms in the house there is a danger of not paying a lot of attention to the laundry. However, it fulfils a very important and regular role in family life, and is also the key storage area in the home for all those things that ‘don’t belong anywhere else’. Style-conscious residents across Melbourne like to maintain high standards of functionality and ambience throughout the home, and we put as much thought and planning into laundry renovations as we do for bathrooms and kitchens. A well-conceived and executed project has a significant impact on both making the household chores easier and adding value to the home.

Make your laundry renovation go smoothly

It pays to engage people with specific expertise in the field when undertaking a laundry renovation as it is invariably a small room, which nevertheless needs to accommodate a lot of things. Iron, ironing board, cleaning products and other mundane but much-used items need to be stored out of sight but be instantly accessible. A washing machine, dryer, drying rack and utility sink need to be incorporated into a small space without making it appear cluttered. Whether doing the laundry renovation as a stand-alone project, or as part of a larger one, we will manage the process from start to finish.

How do Melbourne residents utilise their laundry

Utilisation of space is key in the laundry, so our in home consultation ensures every requirement the client has is taken into consideration from the outset, and is therefore covered in the planning process. We will order appliances, benchtops and tapware, using our longstanding relationships with suppliers across Melbourne and further afield to gain the most competitive prices possible. We will then manage all the relevant tradespeople – even a simple laundry job involves at least a tiler, a plumber and an electrician – so clients experience a trouble-free, promptly completed Melbourne laundry renovation.

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